Hereditory Pathology
Interesting links to sites

HumPath -
Website of Jean-Christophe Fournet, former head of Pathology Department, CHU Saint-Justine, pediatric hospital in Montreal, Canada. Amazing resource for macroscopy photos of tumors! Humpath's photostream at Flickr.
Dermnet Skin Disease Atlas -
Online dermatology photo atlas with more than 23,000 images. Founded by Thomas Habif in 1998, it also features videos of diagnosis and treatment, and a few articles on common skin conditions.
The Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER) -
The Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research is a non-profit organisation established in 2002, based in and supported by institutions in Geneva, Switzerland. Active in developing healthcare programs for developing countries. Fantastic collection of macroscopical images, histology, and medical imaging on developmental and genetic diseases, gleaned from journals worldwide here. Also guidelines and reviews on CAM.
REPAIRtoire, a database of DNA repair pathways -
Database of DNA repair pathways and the diseases in which they are implicated. Run by the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering of the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Poland.

Juan Rosai's Collection of Surgical Pathology Seminars -
Online digital slides of about 20,000 cases presented at pathology seminars, 1945-present. Joint venture between USCAP and Aperio. USCAP also has a virtual slide box to test your knowledge (no hereditary pathology): Virtual Slide Box

Orphanet -
Online portal for rare diseases and orphan drugs. Comprehensive classification of genetic diseases and searches orphan drugs. Led by a European consortium of around 40 countries.

FaCD: Familial Cancer Database Online -
Website run by Rolf Sijmons, clinical geneticist at the University of Medicine in Groningen, the Netherlands. Features fact sheets of hereditary cancer syndromes and concise lists of tumor features. Curriculum vitae of Rolf Sijmons.
Leiden Open Variation Database. Online gene-centered collection and display of DNA variations. List of locus specific databases here.
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology -
Free-access, peer-reviewed online journal and database devoted to genes, cytogenetics, and clinical entities in cancer, and cancer-prone diseases.

Some features of Tuberous sclerosis com-
plex, type 2 (
OMIM #613254). Show picture.

Gastric GIST in Carney triad (gastric GIST,
pulmonary chondroma, extra-adrenal
paraganglioma). Show picture.

Angiography showing a left vagal paragang-
lioma in a 22-year old female with a
Show picture.